When 2 bored dudes are bored, this happens:



1. Gary Bingo’s Horrifying Discovery / Intro (skit)
2. The Demaz Rises (He’s a Magic Man)
3. Don’t Show Me Your Genitals (Womyn Have Rights)
4. Monologue (The Horrors of Sobriety) (skit)
5. Jumping Jack Jigaboos (ft. BreastMilk)
6. Basedshady Confronts God (skit) / The Resolution
7. Charlotte the Harlot (Iron Maiden wud b Proud)
8. Just Call Me Python 2 (But Python Is Really Demaz)
9. Cumballs of Truth IV (Calm B 4 The Storm) (skit)
10. The Story of How Just Silver Lost His Mind
11. Best Rapper Ever (Dead or Alive) (ft. Elision while he’s getting gangraped)
12. Ebola Flow (I Got Dat…)
13. Filler Is Killer (Still Iller)
14. Padded Cell Boogie (ft. 35-year-old Just Silver)
15. Internal Rage Unleashed (Demaz’s Internal Demons)
16. Church of Scientology Burns Down (Sad Bois Prevail) (skit)
17. Message to the Haters (Please Don’t Hate Us)
18. The Story of How Mat Demaz Met Eminem (EG Eva Was Her)
19. Revolution 10 (Time Has Become A…)
20. A Random Song About Nothing At All (But This Song Is Really The Most Complicated Song Ever Made)
21. The Birth of the Weedee (ft. Weedee)
22. Rolly’s Revenge (The Cuck Strikes Back) (skit)
23. How It Feels to Be Trace (Die)
24. Cumballs of Truth V (To Be Continued…) (skit)
25. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way (I Got HIV)

Credit to CanadaPure for the beats on tracks 5, 6, 13, and 14
Python specifically produced tracks 2, 4, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25

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Hi, I'm mat, I'm a guy, I do things, um.
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