Eedee – White Noise

Eedee released his new album a while ago. I did a bit of production for it.
I honestly think it turned out pretty good.

(Cover by Jacob Castle)
(It’s free)
01. White Noise
02. Solar Flare (ft. Dilz & ROM)
03. Crickets
04. Summer Storm (Skit)
05. July Air
06. New Things (ft. Mr. DGAF)
07. Dreams Are For Sleeping
08. Nothing Changes
09. Quicksand
10. Me Too
11. Couldn’t Happen Like That
12. Waves (ft. Tyler Ramsbey)
13. Everything I Say
14. Sunrise (Interlude)
15. Purpose (ft. Mr. DGAF & Dimes)
16. Crash & Burn
17. Pulsar
18. Off (Skit)
19. Silence
20. Drift Away (Outro)

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